Sweet Paprika #9

Image Comics

Written by Mirka Andolfo

Art by Mirka Andolfo

Colors by Simon Tessuto

Letters by Fabio Amelia

The Rundown: Paprika confronts her past as Dill works through his pain.

In the aftermath of leaving Dill, Paprika thinks about her past relationship with Burnet, how he made her feel and why she left him the way that she did. In the present, Burnet and his new friend continue to plot and plan against Paprika who has gone missing. Paprika’s assistant witnesses Dill’s father try to do his job knowing that his son has been staying with her and her wife while he goes down an emotional spiral.

Paprika re-emerges and decides that it’s finally time to confront her father about his indiscretions and discovers something about the man she never could have believed before. Dealing with her emotions, she decides to immerse herself in an activity that used to bring her comfort and then decides to go out as Dill makes plans to see her again.

The Story: Andolfo continues to craft a wonderfully complicated love story with some brilliantly flawed, but loveable characters. The story does a wonderful job of diving into the psyche of the characters while filling their world and lives with humor and heart. I love seeing how Paprika comes into her own in this story and confronts her father as Dill deals with his feelings. Both characters are beautifully complex and I can’t wait to see where their story goes next.

The Art: Andolfo delivers a brilliant mix of sensuality and over the top humor with the art in this issue. Every page and panel has something new to see and the style of the art is visually stunning.  

Sweet Paprika #9



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