Season 1 Episode 1

The Shorter Way


On a quiet street in the middle of the night, a young boy awakens afraid and looking for his mother. She is otherwise occupied with a visitor and sends him away to go back to bed. When the boy finds himself tempted to leave the house, he sees an old car filled with presents and Christmas music playing that only he can hear. When he races to open the gifts, the door closes behind him and an old man enters the car, which will not let him leave.

Vic McQueen is living her quiet life in Massachusetts while she wonders what she’s going to do about her future. Her parents are poor and can’t afford to send her, even though she’s a talented artist. She works with her mother cleaning houses and when her parents fight, mostly about items one of them has lost, Vic discovers that riding through a long demolished bridge will take her exactly where she needs to be to retrieve the lost item.


As a local psychic starts looking for the missing boy and Vic starts to discover her powers, the man who took him Charlie Manx, finds himself drawn to the small town Vic calls home as he takes his new charge on a nightmare ride to a place called Christmas Town.

The first episode of N0S4A2 does a good job of laying out the characters. While the overall story is interesting, the first episode takes a long time to get started. Switching between the lead characters is relatively smooth, but there is way too much build up in every instance and nothing really pays off beyond setting up the possibility of something better happening down the road. The acting is great throughout, but the menace of Charlie Manx as a character isn’t there yet. I’ll wait to see what happens next.


N0S4A2 S01XE01




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