Swamp Thing Green Hell #3

DC Comics

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Doug Mahnke and Shawn Moll

Colors by David Baron

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Swamp Thing makes his final stand against the Green as Constantine goes to extremes to save humanity.

Alec finds his strength fading fast as he fights against the power of the Green and its plan to end the rest of humanity. At the same time, Constantine and Deadman try to recruit Animal Woman into the fight in defiance of her connection to the Red. After Swamp Thing uses the rest of his power to stop the attack, he gets some unexpected help.

As the heroes fight against the forces they use to serve, Constantine makes a desperate play to save humanity. One that Deadman will not be able to help him with. Swamp Thing and Animal Woman decide that the best way to beat their forces is to take the fight to them with the future of humanity hanging in the balance.

The Story: A beautiful, brutal and engaging conclusion from Jeff Lemire. The action is fantastic. The drama in the story is fulfilling and compelling. Lemire does some fantastic work in getting to the essence of the characters, especially Swamp Thing and Constantine. There are huge stakes in the story and all of the character moments make you care about the world they are trying to defend. I love the final moments of the story and what it means for the future.

The Art: Mahnke and Moll deliver some fantastic art throughout the issue. The action looks amazing. I love the mixture of action and horror elements in the visuals and there are some strong images that evoke great emotion from the reader.

Swamp Thing Green Hell #3



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