Superman Lost #2

DC Comics

Written by Priest and Carlo Pagulayan

Art by Carlo Pagulayan

Inks by Jason Paz

Colors by Jeromy Cox

Letters by Willie Schubert

The Rundown: Lois tries to help her husband as he deals with the psychological effects of his last mission.

Lois makes a call to an old friend while her husband continues to deal with the psychological effects of his mission. Effects that cause troubling behavior in the man of steel. Behavior Lois wants help in mitigating. At the same time, Clark continues to deal with the dangerous elements of his mission. Elements that marooned him in unknown space with little power and barely enough air to breathe.

Things get more dangerous when he is collected by aliens who decide to dump him on the closest world. A world filled with fear as well as secrets Clark might not have time to unravel as he looks for a way to survive and go home.

The Story: An engaging, impressive and thought provoking story from Priest in this issue. I like that the story is told mostly in flashback and that Superman’s experiences along with the trauma that they caused are the main focus of the story. The psychological effects of his mission make for great drama and I love that the story takes the time to explore those elements. I also really enjoy the world building in the series and how unique each of the worlds looks.

The Art: Pagulayan delivers some fantastic visuals throughout the issue. The visual style of the story is awesome with some beautifully detailed moments on every page.

Superman Lost #2



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