Superman: Lost #1

DC Comics

Written by Priest

Art by Carlo Pagulayan

Inks by Jason Paz

Colors by Jeremy Cox

Letters by Willie Schubert

The Rundown: A normal day for Superman takes a dangerous and unexpected turn.

It’s a typical day for the man of steel as he finds himself rescuing a civilian and bringing the story back to Lois to go over. In the midst of their conversation, more Superman intervention is required and Lois returns to working on a story. Hours later Clark returns, but something is different about him. When Bruce arrives shortly thereafter, Lois wants to know what is going on.

Clark tells him that the call he got required him and the Justice League to intervene in the prevention of a foreign power getting dangerous alien technology. Tech that becomes unstable and requires Superman to enter it in order to prevent disaster. Entering the device causes Superman to begin a journey that he will change everything.

The Story: Priest crafts an engaging and intriguing mystery in this first issue. The story has a great beginning highlighting the domestic life of Lois and Clark before transitioning into a mystery that immediately got my attention both in its quiet unfolding, but also in how Bruce becomes a part of it. The action with the League is fantastic and I am excited to see what happened to Clark and how he returns. I’m also excited to see how his journey changes him.

The Art: Pagulayan delivers some beautifully detailed and action packed art throughout the issue. There is a great tease towards the end of some strange and dazzling visuals to come that I am looking forward to.

Superman: Lost #1



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