Superman & Lois

The CW

Season 1 Episode 9

Loyal Subjekts

Lois and Clark team up to investigate Morgan Edge and what he wants with the people of Smallville.

Lois is in the driver’s seat as the investigation into Morgan Edge kicks into gear. She wants to know why Edge is spending so much time in Smallville when he was in and out of the other towns he invested in quickly. She teams up with Clark to do a deep dive into his activities as Lana continues to gather information and evidence at Edge’s office. The investigation elements of the opening are a welcome departure and a great way of bringing the characters together. We also get to see exactly what Edge is doing with the X-Kryptonite he’s been mining from the town.

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As the investigation continues, Jordan and Jon are spending more time together as Jordan gets closer to Sarah. Clark decides to investigate the people in Edge’s program more closely and uses his relationships in the town to do so. Unfortunately, Superman business intervenes and he finds himself zipping over to Mexico to stop a bank robbery in progress. As he takes on the robbers, he notices that something is wrong with him physically. Something connected to his fight at the DOD.

Showing that level of vulnerability in Superman adds some more drama to the series and the episode. That is showcased when Lois returns home to find Clark vulnerable and nursing injuries. As Clark deals with his own physical issues, Jordan has issues of his own when his freeze breath kicks in as a result of an allergic reaction. The high school drama elements of the episode were the weak point up until this moment and finally started to get interesting after the fact. As Jordan gets worse, Clark races off to find a cure and Lois confronts her father in a scene that has been building all season. It’s played well between the two actors and the tension is well balanced.

More drama ensues when Clark has to resort to some extreme measures to cure Jordan. At the same time, Edge decides to go after Lois and sends people from the program. Sam does his best to hold them off, but there is a surprise person added to the mix to increase the drama for everyone, including Lana and Sarah. The action is great and there are some great reveals that will be interesting to see resolved. Lois and finally put all the pieces together and this leads to a confrontation with Morgan Edge where the truth is revealed.

This episode of Superman & Lois is really good. It builds on all the character relationships. It challenges the character dynamics while adding additional drama and mystery to the plot. The high school drama is still the weakest part of the series, but the family drama continues to get stronger. The reveal at the end of the episode was good, but I could see it coming a mile away so it wasn’t a shock.

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