sm-cv11-1170475Superman #11 

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Ivan Reis

Inks by Joe Prado and Oclair Albert

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Josh Reed

Rogol Zaar has decided to enlist some unexpected help to destroy the final remnants of the House of El.


Trapped in the Phantom Zone, Rogol Zaar enlists the help of General Zod to help him both escape the Kryptonian prison and seek revenge on the man responsible for it, Jor-El.

In the present, Superman and Jon have found themselves in the middle of an intergalactic battle as multiple factions have formed to destroy Jor-El and his ship. Superman knows he only has a few moments before he and his son are discovered and he uses them to determine how he can end the conflict as well as what role his father played in starting it. With multiple factions involved including the Thanagarians and the Khund, Superman and son work fast to defuse the fight with no casualties. A move that buys them time, but also allows Rogol to escape and regroup.

Working fast to repair Jor-El’s ship, the three are surprised by the attack of Rogol Zaar and Zod. Clark and Jon fight, but the distraction gives the faction time to restart their attack. With the odds against them and time running out, an unexpected return signals a possible victory for the House of El.

I’ve been back and forth with my feelings about this storyline, but I’m glad to see Bendis return to the House of El. The dialogue is great and the moments between Clark and Jor-El are interesting in the moment because they hint at a reckoning to come between father and son if both survive. There are still some story beats that feel a little off, especially in how events unfold over time, but the story is enjoyable. The surprise at the end was timed perfectly and hints at something epic to follow.

Ivan Reis’ art is exceptional and there is an amazing attention to detail throughout the issue, especially in the battle scenes. The art is one of the main things that draw me back to this title issue after issue.

Superman #11




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