Superman #1

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Jamal Campbell

Colors by Jamal Campbell

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: As Superman tries to help the people around him, an old enemy tries to help him in his own way.

In the wake of the attack that made everyone, except a few people, forget he was Clark Kent, Superman takes to the skies to stop Livewire while an increasingly annoying voice in his head continues to chide him. A familiar voice that is becoming increasingly harder to ignore, no matter what Clark tries.

After speaking with Lois about the situation, Clark notices something happening at LexCorp. Something that will require his attention. A situation that will bring Superman and Lex Luthor uncomfortably close to each other as more threats are released on the city. The first one being a familiar face with a new power.

The Story: A unique and interesting adventure for the man of steel. There are some elements of this story that caught me by surprise and have gotten me more interested in the world that Williamson is creating for Superman. I think the Supercorp angle is intriguing and am interested is seeing how Lex worming his way into Superman’s life will impact his adventures going forward. The plot is definitely engaging and has some interesting twists within it.

The Art: Jama Campbell is an amazing artists and his style is perfect for Superman and his world. Campbell brings big, bold visual moments throughout the issue and every page has something to capture the eye and the imagination.

Superman #1



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