The CW

Season 3 Episode 8

Crisis on Earth X Part 1

On Earth X, a masked archer takes out a group of scientist working on a device that no one knows about. That world’s Guardian tries to stop and pays for it with his life. In Central City, Team Flash is preparing for the wedding of Barry and Iris. In the 12th Century, the Legends are taking out a group of medeival bandits when the Waverider arrives to let them know that they have a wedding to prepare for. In Star City, Felicity explains to Oliver that they need to decide if they are going to the wedding. Something Oliver isn’t eally thinking about as he takes out a group of Ninjas.


In National City, Supergirl is battling a Dominator and delivers the line, “These guys are so last year.” A nod to last year’s crossover event. After taking out the alien, Kara and Alex decide to take a break from their own world’s drama (Mon-El and Maggie) and take a trip to Central City to attend the wedding. As the friends gather and catch up, new discoveries are made. Cisco and Caitlin have devised a serum that will separate and neutralize the Firestorm matrix. Something that appeals to Stein, but not Franklin.



At Barry and Iris’ party, Oliver and Felicity get into a weird situation. Alex and Sara get close and everyone else has a pretty good time including Joe’s speech. It was a very sweet moment in the midst of all of the impending drama. At the wedding, a young lady has an uncomfortable conversation with Barry that portends to something that will hopefully be dealt with in this crossover. Predictably, the wedding is attacked by Nazis including a Nazi Supergirl, Green Arrow and Prometheus. After barely taking them down, they escape and the heroes are left wondering what is going on.



The first part of this two night crossover has done something I hoped they would; evolved. They took out a lot of the fluff and setup from the previous one and they got into the action in a way that allowed for both the emotional scenes to resonate as well as the action scenes to work. The first part of this crossover is a lot of fun. I hope it continues.


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