The CW

Season 6 Episode 8

Crisis on Earth X Part 2

The action has begun. The invasion team from Earth X is looking for a device on Earth for a very specific purpose. With their initial defeat, the identities of the Earth X denizens are revealed to be Kara, Oliver and Thawne (wearing the face of Harrison Wells again). In the Star Labs makeshift prison, Prometheus turns out to be the Earth X version of Tommy Merlin. As Oliver tries to appeal to his friend, Tommy takes advantage of the moment and plays on Oliver’s emotions about the loss of his old friend. In a final act of defiance, Tommy takes a cyanide capsule and dies before Oliver can get to him.


Oliver continues to deal with the fact that Felicity does not want to get married as the rest of the team attempts to track the Earth X forces. When they find out their location, Arrow, Flash and Supergirl race to the scene. I use the word “race” loosely as they take a moment to acknowledge the differences between the three of them when Supergirl and Flash arrive first and Oliver is trailing behind on a motorcycle. The Earth X Doppelgangers reveal themselves and they begin to fight until Oliver hits Earth X Kara with a Kryptonite Arrow that he was saving for something like this.


During the battle, evil Kara distracts the heroes as the three of them escape. She also reveals that she and evil Oliver are married. Back at Star Labs, Felicity and Caitlin are trying to find a way to track the Earth X forces, a task made easier with the inclusion of evil Kara’s blood. As they find out that there are high levels of solar radiation in her blood, the heroes go after them. Unfortunately, evil Oliver has a plan in place and captures the heroes after taking over Star Labs. Trapped in the facility, it’s up to Felicity and Iris to find a way to escape and help the captures heroes before their plans for Supergirl are put into effect.


The second part of this crossover works for the most part. There were some Arrow-centric issues that I had with evil Oliver’s motivations and his behavior. For someone who is constantly talking about other people’s weakness, there are quite a few moments where he looks like he’s about to cry. The battle sequences were fun to watch, but there were some moments that were a little too convenient to be believed. Still a fun episode of the series and a good use of Team Arrow when it mattered.


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