STL123279Supergirl #32

DC Comics

Written by Marc Andreyko

Art by Kevin Maguire

Colors by FCO Plascencia

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: Kara, Jon and Krypto confront Gandelo one last time and their actions will attract an even bigger threat.

Supergirl and her new team confront the despot on her home world. Knowing that she is not at her full strength, Gandelo distracts them long enough to begin an attack that will buy her time. With Supergirl and Jon fighting off a horde of creatures, Gandelo prepares her next move.


When the ruler presses her attack on the Kryptonian in a new form, she reveals something about her decision to destroy Krypton as well as another genocidal decision she made that attracts the attention of and destructive force of Rogol Zaar. The destroyer of Krypton has returned to confront Gandelo as well as retrieve his axe from Supergirl and he will not be stopped.

The Story: Marc Andreyko continues to make the House of El storyline compelling and interesting with this new issue. As serious as the subject matter and the stakes are in this story, Andreyko does a great job of adding humor to the mix. Humor that makes you want to see more interactions between Kara and Jon. The writing is fantastic and the pace of the story made everything from the appearance of Rogol Zaar to the fate of Gandelo a surprise for the reader.

The Art: Kevin Maguire delivers some impressive and beautiful art in this issue. The sequence between Gandelo and Rogol Zaar is fantastic, especially the progression of that final moment panel by panel.

Supergirl #32




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