large-8329934Justice League Odyssey #11

DC Comics

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Will Conrad

Colors by Ivan Plascencia and Pete Pantazis

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Darkseid has everything he needs to enact his plan to save life in the Ghost Sector, but will the Justice League be the saviors the sector needs or will they make things worse?


Lex Luthor has been making his offers across the universe and he regrets that he is unable to bring Darkseid over to his side. As he contemplates his regret, Darkseid himself is getting ready to complete Sepulkore. As a byproduct of being close to completion, Darkseid continues to tell the team he assembled the truth about everything he has planned and how powerful it will make him when completed.

Cyborg and the rest of the team have to decide if they will have the ability to take control of Sepulkore and stop Darkseid. When Cyborg confronts the lord of Apokalips, he discovers that Darkseid knows what they have been planning and Cyborg has played right into his hands.

The Story: The story continues to grow and evolve and the twists and turns that Dan Abnett introduces are character driven and compelling. Making this part of the story about Cyborg and his biggest fear is a great choice and Abnett makes an even better choice by having Darkseid manipulate that fear to his own ends. The action is handled expertly and every moment is interesting to witness.

The Art: Will Conrad’s art is great. With the exception of the final few pages, there isn’t a lot of action in this issue. That allows Conrad to explore the characters and how they look utilizing amazing detail throughout.

Justice League Odyssey #11




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