SG_Cv29Supergirl #29

DC Comics

Written by Marc Andreyko

Art by Eduardo Pansica

Inks by Julio Ferreira

Colors by FCO Plascencia

Letters by Tom Napolitano

With her investigation into the destruction of Krypton coming to a standstill, it’s hard for Supergirl to relax and enjoy some rest and relaxation.


That doesn’t seem to stop Z’Ndr and Krypto from enjoying the pleasures of an uninhabited planet on a warm day. Krypton actually finds the next and seemingly final piece of the puzzle when he discovers another gem.

When Rogol Zaar’s axe activated the gems, the confession of Appa Ali Apsa begins and Kara learns the truth of the Circle, the destruction of Krypton and the alliance between Gandelo and Rogol. This puts Z’Ndr in the awkward position of explaining how the woman who ordered the destruction of Krypton is also his adopted mother.

I found myself enjoying this issue and all the potential for where this story can go next. Marc Andreyko does a great job of building on the reveals from previous issues and expanding the scope of this journey that Kara is on. Z’Ndr’s story is interesting, but didn’t have the kind of emotional weight necessary for all the secrecy, but it’s a minor issue in an otherwise enjoyable issue.

The art by Eduardo Pansica is really great. All of characters look amazing and there are some awesome panels throughout especially the depictions of Rogol Zaar.

Supergirl #29




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