Suicide Squad: Get Joker #2

DC Black Label

Written by Brian Azzarello

Art by Alex Maleev

Colors by Matt Hollingsworth

Letters Jared K. Fletcher

The Rundown: The Suicide Squad has a deadly encounter with the Joker.

The Joker delivers an interesting monologue via cellphone to the Suicide Squad and they agree to his current mission. Later, Red Hood informs Larry of Waller’s demise. Afterwards, he seeks pertinent advice from Toy Man. Meanwhile, the member’s of the Suicide Squad converse among themselves until they are contacted by the Joker’s henchmen. Then the group meet Joker at a club. Once there, Harley is asked to perform an unusual task. This leads to a dangerous conflict that ends with the Squad obtaining a vital piece of equipment. Finally, a surprising betrayal ushers in a new danger.

The Story: Azzarello continues this three-episode series in an interesting manner. The Suicide Squad’s brief run-ins with the Joker are harrowing, but surprisingly calm. I was surprised this episode spent so much time character building. I assumed a Black Label tale would involve more gore. However, the Joker/Harley relationship did deliver a measure of perversion that was rewarded by a stunning act. Overall, I found this chapter to be entertaining. But I wonder how necessary it was to the story as a whole.

The Art: Maleev and Hollingsworth use traditional artwork and a realistic, relatively muted color palate to create the tone of the story. There is an emphasis placed on pink and purple during certain scenes create a playful, dangerous effect that highlight the Joker’s mindset. This visually appealing issue is both fun and engaging.

Suicide Squad: Get Joker #2



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