Suicide Squad #7

DC Comics

Written by Robbie Thompson

Pencils by Eduardo Pansica

Inks by Julio Ferreira

Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: Waller sends Task Force X on a mission to a deadly location.

The story begins with a cheeky introduction of the Suicide Squad and their motivations as the narrator is introduced. Then, Ambush Bug breaks some uncomfortable new to Task Force X. Meanwhile, Waller and her team discuss Task Force X, and the group’s location is revealed. Waller then has meetings with Match and Talon. She then has a discussion with an off site Peacemaker. Afterwards, Waller reveals why she has sent Peacemaker on his special assignment.

Elsewhere, Task Force X learns the truth from Ambush Bug and then are attacked by something interesting. Afterwards, in the midst of a group discussion Waller appears and sends them on their next assignment. As the group makes their way to an uncomfortable and deadly environment, they discover a new set of enemies.

The Story: Issue #7 occurs after the events in the 2021 annual. This episode is amusing, especially as Ambush Bug breaks the fourth wall and Task Force X reacts to his comments. Waller’s wildly ambitious task is as unusual as it is mysterious. As the team learns more about the extent of her manipulations, and encounter new enemies of their commander, I am curious how Task Force X will survive their situation.

The Art: The illustrations in this issue are detailed and colorful. Its interesting to see how the scenes involving Waller have a different look than the rest of the story. The panels involving her are heavily tinted with blue and done in a water color style giving it a surreal appearance that speaks to her current vibe. While the color scheme involving Task Force X are grounded in realism. The attention to detail, including character expression and form, also gives this issue a strong emotional connectivity.

Suicide Squad #7



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