Eve #5

BOOM! Studios

Written by Victor LaValle

Art by Jo Mi-Gyeong

Colors by Brittany Peer

Letters by AndWorld Design

The Story: Eve reaches the vault and begins the most important part of her mission.

The narrator explains the design of the vault and invites Eve to enter. It then leads her inside and reveals its identity. Then, Eve’s mother takes her on a journey above ground. The first thing she encounters is Wexler and the two engage in combat. Afterwards, Eve gives him sage advice and a special request. She then leaves him to begin a special project.

Later, her mother explains the purpose of an important part of their life saving plan. They also discuss the planet’s survivors and how they might make contact with them. Then, Eve is virtually reunited with someone important to her. Time passes and Eve makes her way back to the vault’s original location. There she finds Wexler and someone very special. Finally, a narrator, gives a synopsis of Earth’s future. And in the end, Eve and a companion enjoy their surroundings.

The Story: I have to start by saying thank you to Victor LaValle for blessing us readers with this beautiful and cautionary tale. The final episode of this series is the perfect conclusion of Eve’s difficult journey. It also leaves us with so many gems for further contemplation. For instance, the line: “There’s no future in despair.” Eve’s comment to a dear friend hits deep. And I am instantly reminded of the necessity for hope when making critical changes. I feel as though this one line sums up the predominate theme of the entire story.

Then, there is Wexler. His very existence is a treatise on how the technology humans create to ease existence also causes severe destruction. Finally, there is Eve and her mother as the care takers of earth and its gardeners. And the instrumental role her father played in creating an atmosphere suitable for rebirth. I could quite easily write an essay on just their family dynamic.

Also, I would be remiss for not mentioning the subtler points. The symbolism of the Eye of Horus used a mechanism for opening the vault was not lost on me. And finally, shout out to the Rihanna lyrics for adding a bit of levity to a very serious finale. LOL. I really enjoyed this series and highly recommend it to others.

The Art: Mi-Geyong and Peer do an excellent job of creating the world surrounding Eve. The color work in this issue is bright and vibrant. It is suggestive of hope and new beginnings. The detailed drawings really make the pages come alive in a way that makes you understand the impact of Eve’s activity. And the youthful style reminds the reader that this is the story of a child that saves the world. Overall, I found this to be an eye-catching issue that completely captures the tone of this episode.

Eve #5



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