Suicide Squad #4

DC comics

Written by Robbie Thompson

Pencils by Eduardo Pansica

Inks by Joe Prado and Julio Ferreira

Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: Amanda Waller confronts Red X. The Suicide Squad defends their position and makes future plans.

Waller and Peacemaker disagree on the treatment of a team member. Later, Waller has a dangerous confrontation with Red X that leads to an unexpected situation. When the Suicide Squad tries to protect their headquarters, several are faced with major revelations. Finally, someone important escapes as Waller considers her next move.

The Story:
The action and content significantly ramp up in this chapter. And the addition of an element that is outside of Waller’s control is very interesting. The idea that her many unethical practices may have a significant impact on her business appeals to me. And I am excited to find out where this story line will lead.

The Art:
Detailed drawings are highlighted by a bold color palate. Rich blues give off an intensity in certain panels that is extremely engaging. The action scenes are well done and exciting. This is a visually appealing issue that perfectly captures the tone of the narrative.

Suicide Squad #4



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