Strange Academy: Miles Morales #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Carlos Hernandez

Art by Juann Cabal, Alvaro Lopez and Guiu Vilanova

Colors by Edgar Delgado

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The students of Strange Academy travel to Brooklyn for a competition that will reveal a darker plot.

Zelma Stanton discovers that some of her students are adept at some interesting forms of magical math and decides to bring them to Brooklyn Visions Academy to participate in a multiversal math competition. After meeting the foremost expert on the subject of Enchantimatics, the gathering is attacked by forces from another world.

After fighting off the attack and participating in the event with Miles Morales, some of the students discover something dark about the man they were trying to protect. Something that will cause them to enlist the help of Spider-Man.

The Story: A fun crossover story that utilizes the best elements of both the Strange Academy students and Miles Morales. The story has some interesting stakes within it and I like the fact that there are secrets and revelations coming from everyone involved.

The Art: All the artists deliver fun and entertaining visuals throughout the issue. The art is bright, lively and brilliantly utilizes the tone of the story to offer great imagery.

Strange Academy: Miles Morales #1



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