Stephen King Announces Secret Anthology Series with JJ Abrams.

Prolific author Stephen King announced on Twitter that he and director/producer JJ Abrams are working on a project for Hulu with a teaser trailer that should excite every King fan. 


After their previous collaboration for Hulu with the mini-series 11/22/63 based on the novel by King, Abrams and King apparently started working on an anthology series set in the fictional Maine town of Castle Rock. Readers of Stephen King’s work will recognize the name of the town as it features in several of King’s works with characters and stories that intersect. Many of King’s most well-known horror stories take place in the town like Needful Things, Cujo and The Dead Zone.


Other stories that are either coming of age tales like The Body (Stand By Me) and supernatural thrillers like The Dark Half take place there as well. Many of his other stories either take place in the surrounding area (It/ Pet Semetary/ Gerald’s Game) or reference the town in some way (Misery/ The Shawshank Redemption).


An anthology series could be very interesting if it touches on elements of these stories which the teaser trailer seems to indicate. I will be following this production closely and let you know anything that I find.

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