Steelworks #2

DC Comics

Written by Michael Dorn

Art by Sami Basri, Vicente Cifuentes and Max Raynor

Colors by Andrew Dalhouse and Matt Herms

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: The attack on Steelworks will force John to meet with his friends and as an enemy gets bolder.

John and Natasha find themselves fighting against the security system at Steelworks as Natasha gets a glimpse of someone phasing through the equipment on their way out of the building. In the aftermath, John attempts to learn more about what affected the systems before his meeting with some old friends.

At the same time, an enemy of John and what he’s trying to do in Metropolis prepares the next part of his plan to bring down the company. A plan that will bring a dangerous criminal into the building with a mission. While John meets with Superman and his family to discuss his new initiatives, Natasha discovers a new enemy in the area.

The Story: Dorn does a fantastic job of raising the tension within the story as well crafting an entertaining and interesting story for John that continues to make him his own character outside of his relationship with Superman. I like seeing the character evolve and the story does a great job of giving John his own issues to deal with both with friends and foes. I like both conflicts in the story and look forward to seeing how Dorn evolves them both and what the fallout will be.

The Art: Basri, Cifuentes and Raynor deliver some beautifully detailed art filled with great character moments and action.

Steelworks #2



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