Torrent #5

Image Comics

Written by Marc Guggenheim

Art by Justin Greenwood

Colors by Rico Renzi

Letters by Keith Wood

The Rundown: Michelle tries to turn her back on revenge, but the call is too strong.

Stripped of her powers and on the run from Skelton and her former friends, Michelle is given the opportunity to stay in hiding with her son, but the loss of her husband and former life is too strong.

Fueled by her need for revenge, Michelle decides to suit up one more time and make a final stand against Skelton by storming his building and taking out anyone in her way. As she makes her final confrontation with the man who took everything from her, she is interrupted by someone who wants her to know the truth.

The Story: Guggenheim brings this arc to a violent and bittersweet conclusion that is filled with great action. I love that Michelle’s story isn’t wrapped up in a neat little bow and that the complicated nature of her trauma showcases how damaged a person she’s become even when given a way out. I like the fact that the story is so personal and doesn’t shy away from the character knowing what she has become and what that means for her.

The Art: Greenwood delivers some great art in the issue. The story has action throughout and Greenwood delivers art that is visually thrilling and visceral.

Torrent #5



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