Starship Down #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Justin Giampaoli

Art by Andrea Mutti

Colors by Vladimir Popov

Letters by Sal Cipriano

The Rundown: A scientist is brought in to investigate a discovery that could change everything we know about the history of the Earth.


Dr. Jocelyn Young has been flown into a remote section of Russia to investigate what she believes to be cave paintings discovered by a research team. When she arrives and completes the meet and greet of the team she sees the paintings themselves and marvels at the details, but something is wrong. It isn’t until she is taken to another part of the cave that she gets her first look at the alien ship embedded in the ice.

As more members of the team arrive, including a representative from the Catholic Church, Young and the rest of the team begin their investigation into the object. An investigation that will include entering the object itself and discovering something completely unexpected.

The Story: The plot of this first issue has all the makings of a great movie as Giampaoli introduces the characters, the conflicts and the fantastic elements that capture the imagination. The tension is palpable between the characters and the mystery is both engaging and intriguing. The pace of the story moves a little fast and I wanted to spend a little more time on the discovery itself, but the tone of the issue made the speed of the plot bearable because there was a lot to get to. It will be interesting to see where this story goes next and the final page reveal allows for it to get even more strange and intriguing going forward.

The Art: Andrea Mutti’s art is fantastic. Everything from the military vehicles to the backgrounds is done with impressive detail. The characters look great as well and they are brilliantly expressive in the dialogue scenes. I loved the final panels and look forward to seeing this story evolve.

Starship Down #1




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