Outlawed #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Eve L Ewing

Art by Kim Jacinto

Colors by Espen Grundetjern

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: In the wake of a public tragedy, young heroes around the country will find themselves in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.


Young heroes from all over are brought in to testify to Congress in the wake of an attack on a young activist that they thwarted, but not without significant damage to property and the loss of two of their own. When the Champions receive intel that someone has targeted the young activist, they go undercover to protect her while the rest of the team monitors the perimeter.

When mercenaries attack in force along with a dragon, the kids spring into action to take down the threat. Jumping into the fray without thinking, the kids cause a massive amount of damage the Viv Vision has to be taken down in the process. The aftermath will find the government taking action to rein in the young heroes by enacting laws that outlaw their activities, but not all the teen heroes will comply.

The Story: An intense, adrenaline filled action romp that will change the lives of the young heroes, Ewing begins an engaging story that is exciting and fun. Having these heroes deal with some pretty intense and harsh consequences opens up the story to some interesting thematic and narrative avenues. Ewing captures the inexperience and heart of these heroes in the dialogue and interactions and I enjoyed seeing older heroes and legends defend them with viewpoints that are powerful. Nova’s testimony was one of the highlights of the issue and it will be interesting to see where the story progresses from this point with the end twist Ewing adds.

The Art: Kim Jacinto brings energy and emotion to the art in this issue. The action is fantastic and filled with gorgeous details that capture the eye. Even the congressional inquiry had some intense and beautiful camera angles that emphasize the drama of the moment.

Outlawed #1




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