Star Wars the High Republic #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Cavan Scott

Art by Ario Anindito

Inks by Mark Morales

Colors by Annalisa Leoni

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: A Nihil attack will lead a newly made Jedi Knight on an investigation into a deeper conspiracy.

After receiving a distress call, new Jedi Knight Keeve Trennis is dispatched along with her former mentor Sskeer and twin Jedi’s Ceret and Terec to investigate. What they find then they leave hyperspace is a slaughter. A slaughter that has all the markings of the Nihil. When their scans reveal life signs, they enter the ship to investigate and discover that the Nihil threat continues. Sskeer also discovers that he might be healing physically from his encounter with the Nihil, but he might not be as mentally healed as he thought.

As the Jedi regroup, they continue their investigation and find a clue to an experimental compound the Republic is developing in the core worlds. A clue will force the Jedi to separate with Sskeer traveling to a nearby world to look for answers while Trennis wonders what is wrong with her former Master. Sskeer and the others will soon find that there is another threat as dangerous as the Nihil lurking in the Outer Rim.

The Story: Cavan Scott focuses on character in this issue and that focus enhances the emotional aspects of the plot. There are some well done action beats in the script as well that showcase one of the character’s recent trauma. A story point that adds some interesting and compelling emotional elements to the story. I also really enjoyed the dual threats presented and how the Jedi’s forays into the Outer Rim have some tangible and unknown stakes.

The Art: Ario Anindito does some brilliant work with the art in the issue. There are some great details in both the characters and the backgrounds that draw you in visually.

Star Wars the High Republic #2



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