Star Wars: The Bad Batch


Season 1, Episode 2

Cut and Run

Official Description – The Bad Batch visit an old contact.

This episode does away with the Narrator, as the war is now over. It begins with The Bad Batch and Omega’s arrival on Saleucami. Once they land, Omega is happily introduced to a natural environment. Her wonder and joy was adorable to watch. It reminded me of my own childhood firsts.

When they reach their destination, they are greeted by Cut Lawquane and his family. The group then discuss the happenings in the galaxy. A low-key name drop offers viewers a key to investigating Cut’s history.

Later, Cut and Hunter go into town in hopes of booking a shuttle that will carry Cut’s family away from Saleucami. While there, they discover the Empire is securing the town and registering all citizens.

Meanwhile, Omega is introduced to the Lawquane children and learns what it means to play. However, she eventually finds herself in danger, and must be rescued by Hunter and the other adults. Later on, Hunter and the Lawquane’s make plans for Omega’s future.

The group realizes that Cut and his family will not be able to legally gain transportation off planet. The Bad Batch then devises a plan to infiltrate the heavily guarded transport facility and create coded registration discs for the family. However, their plans are compromised when Omega inadvertently joins the mission.

After a stealthy hunt for supplies, and a run-in with Imperial forces, the registration information is delivered to the Lawquanes. Omega then makes a life-changing decision. Afterwards, The Bad Batch must fight their way out of the transport facility and escape from Saleucami.

There are so many brilliant topics explored in Cut and Run. For instance, as a clone, Cut’s seeming immunity to Order 66 is a cause for curiosity. And the possibilities are rather intriguing. Are there more defective clones in the universe? Or, was there something specific in Chancellor Palpatine’s message that caused the programming to activate? I hope the series gets an opportunity to explore this odd development.

This episode also shows the ascension of the Galactic Empire from the perspective of civilians. I hope this exploration into the social and political changes under Palpatine’s rule continues. It makes the show feel fresh and different. I am excited to see how this storyline will proceed.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch S01XE02



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