Master of Horror John Carpenter recently participated in a livestream with audio entertainment company Realm to announce that he and his wife Sandy King Carpenter would be producing a new series of audio stories coming to the Realm app.


From John Carpenter and Sandy King Carpenter comes a tense, atmospheric thriller about a woman who investigates a string of murders in the second Roanoke settlement, leading her to a serial killer from the original voyage who waits in the woods.

Coming October 2021.


A chronically ill Catholic student calls on a guardian angel to protect her — but the angel who shows up instead wants her dead.

Coming Winter 2022.


When a former tech darling sets out to start a utopia called “The Furnace,” he and his fellow anarchists rebuild a former dilapidated town using 3D printers — only to discover they’ve trapped themselves in a city that wants to kill them.

Coming Winter 2022.

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