Prepare to see the adventures of some of the universe’s most powerful and iconic women when Star Wars Forces of Destiny premieres next week.


Star Wars Forces of Destiny is a series of sixteen three-minute animated shorts that cover the history of the Star Wars universe from the point of view of some of its most iconic female characters including Princess Leia, Jyn Erso (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Sabine Wren (Star Wars Rebels), Padme Amidala (Star Wars Prequels), Ashoka Tano (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) and Rey (Star Wars: The Force Awakens). The series will explore the untold stories that shaped the Star Wars universe and its history.


The series is written by Jennifer Muro who has written for Justice League Action, DC Super Hero Girls and the upcoming Spider-Man animated series.

The series will make its debut on beginning July 3rd. The shorts will premiere online each day at 10am PT and begin their Disney Channel run July 9th.

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