Star Wars #49

Marvel Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Salvador Larroca

Colors by Guru-Efx

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The mutiny on Mon Cala is not going well. After getting the final message from the murdered king of the planet played to the population, the angry inhabitants turned on the Empire and lashed out with their fleet.

Even though this is exactly what Leia wanted to happen, the timing of it couldn’t be worse because of the lack of planning and organization. The entire fleet is at risk of being destroyed by the Empire and the Imperial Commander in charge of the blockade of the planet knows that and he’s ordered harsh punishment for the mutineers. The fleet of Star Destroyers surrounding the planet launches bombers at the Mon Cala ships and there is a beautiful shot of those ships in space in the next panel. I loved looking at it and taking in all the rich details, especially with the Falcon flying in the foreground.

The Regent of the planet contacts Leia and they discuss the choice he made and we get a fan favorite return to the fold in the form of Admiral Akbar commanding the Rebel Fleet to take down the bombers and break the blockade. The battle that follows has all the hallmarks of classic Star Wars space battles in both look and feel and it gives the reader a level of nostalgia for those moments from the films. Larroca does a great job of recreating that feeling in those panels and it is incredibly fun to read.

Gillen does a great job of crafting the story and the dialogue to the characters and there are some great interactions between them that enhance the relationships that we know are forming with these heroes. When the Imperial ship checks the manifest of one of the ships heading straight for the blockade, we get a little call back to Solo: A Star Wars Story that is both subtle and brilliant. This is really good issue and the ending is both ominous and exciting.


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