Star Wars #22

Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Ramon Rosanas

Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Leia greets a possible ally as Kes Dameron leads a dangerous mission to rescue his wife.

Leia and the Rebel Alliance receive an emissary from Crimson Dawn in the form of Qi’ra who comes bearing gifts. Not trusting the woman, Leia decides to escort her personally and discovers that Qi’ra knows the location of their missing fleet. At the same time, Chewbacca continues to work on his mission to save Han Solo when he is interrupted by the pair and Chewie forces himself to fight back his emotions. After receiving another piece of useful information, Leia enters into a deal with Crimson Dawn that might prove useful.

The second piece of information will prove to be dangerous as Kes and the rest of his squadron track down the Tarkin’s Will, but not before Commander Zahra threatens Shara with something she holds dear in exchange for information. With Kes leading a dangerous mission, things get more difficult when Zahra goes after the Rebel Fleet herself while also vowing to hunt down the rebels that have invaded her ship.

The Story: Soule delivers an exciting story filled with intrigue and emotion. There are some great connections to the bigger Star Wars mythology found within it and teases of things to come that make the story entertaining. All of the characters have some interesting moments and I enjoy the tension between Leia and Qi’ra. The finale of the issue teases some huge action to come and I look forward to seeing it.

The Art: Rosanas captures some great action and emotion in this issue. The art is beautifully detailed and filled with energy. The visuals definitely capture the tone and mood of the story.

Star Wars #22



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