ST_QConflict01-coverAStar Trek: The Q Conflict #1


Written by Scott Tipton and David Tipton

Art by David Messina

Inks by Elisabetta D’Amico

Colors by Alexandra Alexakis

Letters by Neil Uyetake

A series of supernovae are causing destruction throughout the Beta Quadrant. The Enterprise E is being dispatched to aid in the evacuation of a colony planet whose sun is set to explode next. After barely escaping an exploding star on their route to the planet, the ship arrives only to have the phenomenon resolve itself.


Not satisfied with the turn of events, Picard can only attribute it to one being, Q.

When his old nemesis arrives, Picard discovers that the Q Continuum is in the middle of a war with other omnipotent entities. The results of this war are the supernovae. Picard tells Q that he needs to find a solution to this conflict that doesn’t result in the deaths of thousands. Q agrees and he and the other combatants decide to twist Picard’s idea into a way to amuse themselves. They summon proxies to fight in their stead. Unfortunately, those proxies are the crews of the original Enterprise, the Enterprise E, Deep Space Nine and the USS Voyager.

First. Whoever got paid to come up with this idea is not getting enough. This is a brilliant concept and the first issue is executed exceedingly well. Scott and David Tipton take this interesting idea and run with it in ways that appeal to fans of Star Trek and potential new readers as well. Finding a way to bring all of these crews together was going to be a difficult task, but the story that is being developed does that in an awesome way.

Even some of the smaller plot points that only fans of Trek would notice work in the overall plot. Bringing Sisko into the story from a time when he’s still angry at Picard is a great moment. Even the twist Q introduces in the end of the issue is a great cliffhanger moment that will subvert expectations.

The art by David Messina is great. The character renderings are well done, but Messina does a great job of capturing the look and feel of Star Trek in the background details and designs. I can’t wait to see how the art evolves once the story really gets going.

Star Trek The Q Conflict #1




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