ST-TNG-2020_cvrStar Trek The Next Generation IDW 20/20 #1


Written by Peter David

Art by J.K. Woodward

Letters by Gilberto Lazcano

The USS Stargazer is on a mission in deep space under the command of its new Captain, Jean-Luc Picard.

Tellerux 4, one of the newest planets to join the Federation, is planning to host a reception for the Stargazer to assure Picard that the recent political instability on the planet should not jeopardize the planet’s membership. Despite the objections of his first officer Jack Crusher, Picard insists on beaming down to the planet. When the planet leader’s brother attacks the reception in a coup attempts, Picard finds himself at the mercy of a terrorist group who wants Starfleet weapons.


In order to retrieve the injured Captain and salvage the situation, Crusher turns to the only person on the ship who is not a member of the crew. He enlists her in a daring plan to rescue the Captain and the Away Team. His fiance Beverly agrees and they put in place Jack’s plan to bring everyone home and stop the conflict before it escalates.

An interesting and entertaining dive into Picard’s past and one of the most significant relationships in his life. Peter David captures the essence of the Picard we are going to know. The confidence and self-sacrifice is there, but there is also a level of insecurity and self-doubt that is normal following the tragedy that puts Picard in command. It’s great seeing Jack Crusher as a counter-balance to Picard’s insecurities. While we heard much about him during the course of the series, it is in these moments where we see that he was a capable and personable officer whose absence would be felt by Picard and Beverly.

J.K. Woodward’s artwork is beautiful and conveys a lot of emotion as well as dramatic tension. A great looking issue with an engaging and interesting story.

Star Trek the Next Generation IDW 20/20




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