Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek #1

IDW Publishing

Written by Morgan Hampton

Art by Angel Hernandez

Colors by Nick Filardi

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Jake Sisko finds himself at the mercy of a powerful entity.

Jake Sisko finally has his family back after his father being missing for years and he doesn’t want to leave them to pursue his own career. As Ben Sisko tries to help both Jake and Nog with their concerns, Jake convinces his father to let him speak with another familiar face on the station, Alexander.

After visiting an angry Alexander in his cell, Jake, Nog and Alexander are visited by the son of Q who decides to take them on an adventure. An adventure to a Starfleet in a very different timeline filled with familiar faces and old enemies.

The Story: As a fan of the world of Star Trek, I am excited to dive into this unique and interesting story. The characters have always been interesting on their own in roles that observe events so it is even more intriguing to see them as the focus. I really loved the cameo appearances and look forward to seeing what they mean in the scheme of the story itself.

The Art: Hernandez delivers beautiful art on every page of the issue. I love the visual style and how it pulled me back into the world of Star Trek.

Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek #1



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