Star Trek: Resurgence #4

IDW Publishing

Written by Andrew Grant and Dan Martin

Art by Josh Hood

Colors by Charlie Kirchoff

Letters by Neil Uyetake

The Rundown: The Resolute is on the run from the Talarians and the new warp drive might be more trouble than it’s worth.

In the wake of Sutherland’s secret plan to take back the ship, the Resolute is on the run from approaching Talarian ships with no warp drive. Tensions between Sutherland and the Captain continue to mount as Solano is kept out of the loop on matter concerning his ship and Brahms is still working on her experimental warp core.

At the same time, Jono Endar continues to secretly aid the Resolute and its crew as Hektar grows more and more angry at losing the drive and Brahms. When the drive begins to work and the Resolute escapes, things get more dangerous as the drive proves to be unstable.

The Story: Grant and Martin craft a story filled with great tension and action. Some of the characters definitely stand out while some I still haven’t found the ability to care about. The Talarian story is interesting and I really enjoy the progression of the story to its explosive cliffhanger.

The Art: Hood delivers some great visuals throughout the issue. I think the visual style is a great complement to both the story and the world of the characters.

Star Trek: Resurgence #4



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