Star Trek Picard

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Season One Episode 9

Et in Arcadia Ego Part 1

Picard and company make it to Soji’s homeworld to warn them of the impending Romulan attack and discover new life hidden away.


Rios’ ship has emerged from the transwarp conduit and is immediately set upon by Narek and his ship. To make matters more complicated, the relic appears through the conduit as well. With all of these opposing forces fighting in the skies over the planet, the inhabitants give the term “flower power” a brand new meaning as they bring all three ships down to the planet’s surface. This was a great action sequence that was completely original and unexpected in its execution.


Picard and crew make it to the surface and the Captain has to have a talk with the crew when the truth of his diagnosis is revealed. There is a lot to like about Stewart’s performance in this moment and his resilience is what makes it work. We haven’t really seen the effects of this mystery illness on him so the timing of this revelation seemed a bit off, but it still worked to lay all the characters cards on the table.


Picard and company eventually find the small community of sentient androids and their de facto leader who just happens to be another Soong played by Brent Spiner. The androids vary in appearance, with some looking full on Data while others look more human and that makes me want to know more about the community. Unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of time because Narissa and her fleet are on their way and the Droids don’t have enough space flowers to fight them off.

To make matters more interesting, another Soji style android makes an appearance and she seems to have her own agenda. Isa Briones does an amazing job playing these different characters and imbues them with their own unique personalities. The performances in this episode are great and the episode itself works as a setup for an explosive finale where Picard and the rest of the characters will have to face the end of their personal journeys.


Star Trek Picard S01XE09




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