830541._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Star Trek Hell’s Mirror #1

IDW Publishing

Written by JM DeMatteis

Art by Matthew Dow Smith

Colors by Candice Han

Letters by Neil Uyetake

The Rundown: Khan awakens in the future and finds a universe crying out for his leadership.

Khan stands in his office contemplating the circumstances that have brought him into the future and into a universe ruled by the sadistic and violent Terran Empire. Utilizing his superior intellect and power, he leads a rebellion against the empire that attracts followers including a disaffected Spock and begins to craft an ultimate weapon to bring down the empire itself.


When ambitious Enterprise captain James Kirk betrays the empire and destroys his ship, he defects to Khan’s side. Wary of Kirk and suspicious of his motivations, Khan finds himself slowly trusting the man and counting on him as he readies the next part of his plan. But can anyone in the Mirror Universe really be trusted?

The Story: This is a truly ambitious and engaging story for any Star Trek fan. JM DeMatteis crafts an original and interesting story using characters we’re familiar with in a new way. Taking the story into the mirror universe gives the writer freedom to explore new and interesting ideas that the canon stories would not be able to tackle. Putting Khan as the hero of the piece is a smart move and giving him a new motivation that the reader believes in gives the story and finale a timeless, tragic feel.

The Art: Matthew Dow Smith infuses the art with a lot of panels of an introspective Khan thinking about his next moves in a universe ruled by duplicity and double dealing. Those shots look great as the reader connects with Khan and his mission. All of the art is brilliant in its tone with panels filled with details and the Kirk/Khan moments are some of the best visually.

Star Trek Hell's Mirror #1




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