Star Trek: Defiant #7

IDW Publishing

Written by Christopher Cantwell

Art by Angel Unzueta

Colors by Marissa Louise

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The Defiant returns to space to join the battle as the one on the ground gets more personal.

Sisko and Worf confront Kahless and his disciple Alexander. As father and son battle it out, Sisko goes after the emperor, but something unexpected happens to the emissary of the prophets. At the same time, the Theseus is getting pounded in space and discover the unexpected captain of the ship attacking them.

As the Defiant moves in to help, Crusher continues her fight to save Martok. As Worf’s fight with his son takes a potentially tragic turn, Sisko will have to fully embrace the prophets is he has any chance of stopping the Day of Blood.

The Story: Cantwell delivers a story filled with blistering action across multiple plot lines. The space battles are exciting and suspenseful. The fight between father and son is emotional and thrilling. The moments between Kahless and Sisko are brilliantly done. The whole story culminates in some great character moments and thrills that make me excited for what comes next.

The Art: Unzueta perfectly captures the thrills and suspense of the story visually. The art is fantastic and every character moment and battle are filled with amazing imagery.

Star Trek: Defiant #7



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