For fans of DC Comics Rebirth storyline, one of the mysteries that has plagued and intrigued us has been the identity of the mysterious Mr. Oz. Well it looks like that mystery has been solved in the upcoming issues of Action Comics due out next month.

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Mr. Oz showed up as a shadowy figure in Superman #32 and has remained relatively hidden behind the scenes ever since. The only times he’s affected events directly were when he introduced himself to Clark when the hero was in hiding with his family, when he removed Doomsday from the world and when he mysteriously removed Tim Drake when he started getting too close to the truth.


With the Man of Steel’s first meeting with Dr. Manhattan looming in this Fall’s Superman: Doomsday Clock, many people (myself included) speculated that the mysterious Mr. Oz was actually Ozymandias from the Watchmen. It looks like we were all wrong and the reveal of Mr. Oz’ identity might be a lot simpler and hit Superman a little too close to home.

Action Comics #987 written by Dan Jurgens and drawn by┬áViktor Bogdanovic is part one of a story titled “The Oz Effect”. In it, agents of Mr. Oz begin to move against Superman in Metropolis. When Clark intervenes to stop them, Mr. Oz finally reveals himself.


Action Comics #988 written by Dan Jurgens and drawn by Ryan Sook continues the story with deals with the history of Mr. Oz, his journey and how his presence will affect Superman.


The second cover is the one that is the most interesting. It depicts the classic scene of Jor-El and Lara sending the infant Kal-El to Earth, but in the next part of the lenticular cover, you can see that Jor-El is bathed in a mysterious blue light, reminiscent of the powers used by Dr. Manhattan. It would appear that Jor-El was transported from Krypton just as it was exploding and that Superman’s long deceased father is actually Mr. Oz.


If true, it would explain the man’s obsession with the Man of Steel, his encouragement of the hero to keep fighting and his desire to protect Superman from the truth. Rather than being the actions of a villain, they could easily be the actions of a protective father.

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Action Comics #987 will be released September 13, 2017

Action Comics #988 will be released September 27, 2017

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