Dark Nights Metal is the highly anticipated story that is set to both change and celebrate the heroes of the DC universe. In anticipation of the release of Dark Nights Metal #1, DC Comics has released a series of variant covers for the second issue in the epic arc from writer Scott Snyder Dark Nights: Metal #2.


Batman, the Justice League and heroes from across the DC universe find themselves involved in a mystery that touches on the history of the DC universe itself and impacts the origins of some of its greatest heroes. Batman, the Dark Knight Detective, finds himself at the head of what could be the greatest mystery of his career. A mystery that spans centuries, reaches beyond the multiverse itself and involves a foe that the Justice League itself might not be ready for.

In order to bring this far-reaching and expansive tale to life, DC Comics has brought in some of the best artists in the business to showcase these heroes and this story. We have a first look at a series of variant covers for the second issue in the series and they are absolutely gorgeous. In the second issue, Wonder Woman and Superman are on the hunt for a missing ally as Batman dives deeper into the mystery of their newest threat.


The first pic by Jim Lee would seem to show the Justice League trying to stop Batman as he rides a Jet-Ski across the water. Could the secrets that the Dark Knight have been hiding from his team cause them to question his actions?


The second image, by Andy Kubert, shows Batman wearing the mask of a member of the Court of Owls as he’s perched on some Egyptian statues. Could this be an allusion to Hawkman and Hawkwoman, who were featured in the Metal prelude stories?


The third image, by John Romita Jr. shows a stoic Wonder Woman standing in opposition to both Batman and Swamp Thing. What problem could cause Batman to enlist the help of the Keeper of the Green and why would Diana be in direct opposition to her ally?


The final image from Greg Capullo shows the Trinity of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman standing at the cusp of an event, prepared to take on whatever is coming through that portal and into our world.

All of these covers indicate that the second issue of Metal is going to be a huge, action-packed extravaganza that DC Comics fans are going to enjoy. I can’t wait to pick up my copy and start reading.

Dark Nights: Metal #1 will be available August 16, 2017 wherever comics are sold. Support your local comic book shop.

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