Spawn #306

Image Comics

Written by Todd McFarlane and Philip Tan

Art by Philip Tan

Inks by Philip Tan, Jonathan Glapion, Daniel Henriques and Todd McFarlane

Colors by Sunny Gho and Jay David Ramos

Letters by Tom Orzechowski

The Rundown: Al will be pulled into a future conflict where the forces of Heaven and Hell have wiped out humanity and Spawn will face the last survivor.


Al is sucked into a portal to a darkness he cannot escape, but a mysterious voice urges him to fight on no matter what. At the same time, an epic battle in a war ravaged future will pit a dark hero named Raptor and his partner against a being called the Legion of A Thousand Angels. The woman named Claudiaz uses her powers to help Raptor defeat the creature and the two contemplate a time when their endless war will be over until tragedy strikes.

At the same time, darker forces loom in the shadows planning the end of the hero and an escape that will give back control of the Earth. With all the pieces in place, Spawn’s appearance could mean destruction for everyone.

The Story: The start of this new arc for Spawn is interesting, but confusing. While the action is fantastic and the dialogue is intriguing enough to hold my interest, I never got the chance to become invested in these new characters in any way that engaged me in their struggle or their world. Everything felt too abrupt in relation to the unfinished storyline Al is pulled from in the last issue. I found myself wondering why this story is relevant and hoping that it becomes so sooner rather than later.

The Art: Philip Tan delivers some amazing art in this issue. It is the one part of the issue that kept me engaged because of how richly detailed the characters and backgrounds were. The issue looks great, but the story felt muddled.

Spawn #306




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