DCEASED Unkillables #2

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Karl Mostert

Inks by Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards and Karl Mostert

Colors by Rex Lokus

Letters by Saida Temofonte

The Rundown: With a group of remaining heroes holed up defending the most vulnerable among them, Savage and his group will find their safe zone to be more vulnerable than they thought.


Gordon, Red Hood and the others have gotten the news about the arks leaving the planet, but they know they can’t make it in time so they batten down the hatches and prepare to defend the kids in their care. At the same time, Shiva decides to use Mirror Master to retrieve her daughter Orphan. When her attempt fails, she returns to Savage. When Slade attempts to calm everyone down, he finds himself betrayed by his ally and barely escapes before a familiar face arrives to take down Savage and the others.

A small cadre of villains manages to escape and they team with Gordon to train and protect the kids. As time grows short for the world, the innocent will have to stand against an evil that will not stop.

The Story: Despite some plot holes and strange tonal shifts, Taylor delivers an entertaining story in this issue. The characters interactions are great and the relationship between Rose and Jason is entertaining. Cassandra’s confrontation with her mother is a highlight to the issue and it was interesting to see the attack on Savage’s base, especially who attacked it. It’s going to be interesting to see where this story goes next and what forms it takes with the threat getting bigger.

The Art: Karl Mostert does some great work with with the art in this issue. The panels have a brilliant mix of expressive characters, great backgrounds and visceral gore. A great looking issue.

DCEASED Unkillables #2




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