Spawn #304

Image Comics

Written by Todd McFarlane

Art by Jason Shawn Alexander

Letters by Tom Orzechowski

Colors by Peter Steigerwald

The Rundown: The Redeemer is being hunted and Al will have to get to him before the Vatican unleashes its latest weapon.


Jessica Priest wants answers from Spawn about how she got a portion of his powers and what happened to Nyx when Al exploded. While Al and Mark go through the data Nyx was collecting, the Redeemer has reverted to his human form and is on the run from a group of killers willing to take out a group of civilians at a tree lighting ceremony to get to him. As Al and Jessica suit up to go after the Redeemer, an emissary from the Vatican decides to utilize their newest asset; Medieval Spawn.

In another chapter, Mark discovers that the explosion that released Spawn’s power in others has also affected the person he trusts more than Al. Someone that might have the answers Mark is seeking; Jim Downing.

The Story: Involving and intense, the latest issue of Spawn boasts an engaging story that continues to raise the stakes for both the characters and the world. Al’s world continues to become more dangerous and the fact that the forces allied against him have no problem with collateral damage gives McFarlane permission to ramp up the action and violence. Both chapters of the story are compelling and set up some interesting story and plot points to be explored.

The Art: Alexander offers some great art in this issue and the tone is slightly more subdued because the story is more character intensive. Alexander uses texture brilliantly to emphasize and blend in the darkness to every panel.

Spawn #304




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