Spawn #303

Image Comics

Written by Todd McFarlane

Art by Jason Shawn Alexander and Todd McFarlane

Letters by Tom Orzechowski

Colors by Peter Steigerwald

The Rundown: Jessica Priest has come to Spawn for answers as more questions linger for Al and company.


After a fight to a draw, Priest and Al find themselves allied again when the murder of someone close to Jessica has multiple connections to Al Simmons. Nyx had been researching Al and the shadow players around him when she was killed and Jessica wants answers.

Al decides to take her to his secret base to find out what Nyx was working on. Marc is shocked, but the three of them uncover an encrypted file that shows Spawn’s power has spread to multiple recipients. People who are now targets of the forces feeling the brunt of Spawn’s vengeance. People who are working on ways to bring Al down for good.

The Story: The aftermath of Spawn’s actions continue to take shape in this issue and McFarlane brings the consequences of Al’s plan to life in some interesting ways. The story continues to take some new and entertaining dark turns and the dialogue and plot are extremely well laid out. McFarlane adds a lot of tension throughout this story with Al dealing with the limitations of his powers while the threats against him increase and the fact that he’s not the only Spawn running around promises to add some interesting and engaging elements to a story that is getting bigger in scale.

The Art: Jason Shawn Alexander and Todd McFarlane bring the story home with the beautiful, action packed art. Alexander’s part of the story continues the dark, noir style that the tone of this issue demands. McFarlane’s art is filled with beautiful details and perfect for the story he’s telling in this issue.

Spawn #303




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