798353._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Spawn #302

Image Comics

Written by Todd McFarlane

Art by Jason Shawn Alexander and Todd McFarlane

Colors by Peter Steigerwald and Greg Menzie

Letters by Tom Orzechowski

The Rundown: Al’s powers are slowly recharging and newly emboldened bad guys are trying to advantage of that fact.


After Spawn’s last show of power, Al is feeling drained but continues to fight and hunt for those taking advantage of others. Even in his weakened condition, the hellspawn continues to hunt and his latest target are a group of human traffickers with a fallen angel in their ranks.

Sensing that Spawn has been weakened, the traffickers all but ignore Al when he demands the people be released and when they threaten to kill the hostages in front of them, Al reminds them that before he was Spawn, he was a highly trained military officer.

The Story: McFarlane tells an effective and highly entertaining story with this issue. By keeping things grounded, the reader is reminded just how skilled and dangerous Al Simmons could be without the flashy powers of Spawn. It reminds longtime readers of the series why Simmons was chosen in the first place. McFarlane is expanding the world of Spawn in interesting and fun ways that keep me coming back to the title again and again.

The Art: Both Alexander and McFarlane have different styles, but both do an amazing job of utilizing light and darkness in ways that enhance the tone of the story being told.


Spawn #302




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