Sinister War #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer and Ed Brisson

Art by Mark Bagley, Carlos Gomez and Ze Carlos

Inks by Andrew Hennessy, Andy Owens, John Dell, Carlos Gomez and Ze Carlos

Colors by Brian Reber and Andrew Crossley

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Battered and surrounded by enemies, Spider-Man must find a way to escape certain death.

Spider-Man is trapped and injured in a cemetery surrounded by his greatest enemies and new ones tasked by Kindred with ending him once and for all. As he looks for a means of escape, Black Cat arrives with some powerful backup for the webslinger. Unfortunately, the help turns out to be another trap and Spidey’s enemies move in. As his enemies move in for the final blow, the consequences from Kindred force them to turn on each other to win the honor of killing Spider-Man.

Kindred releases another enemy of Spider-Man. One that will collect more to the demon’s cause. Peter gets a rare reprieve from someone he used to trust, but Sin Eater and a new set of villains have other plans. Plans that will bring the wall crawler and both friend and foe alike to Kindred’s endgame.

The Story: Spencer and Brisson deliver a powerful story in this issue. There is action and adventure throughout and the tension is high. The story continues to put Spider-Man through the ringer and there are some dark moments throughout that are thrilling. Both writers do an excellent job of crafting a dark story for the character and making the villains menacing and layered at the same time.

The Art: Every artist delivers some beautiful and powerful images throughout this issue. All of the styles align and create a brilliant, dark and tension filled issue.

Sinister War #3



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