Sinister War #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Mark Bagley

Inks by Andrew Hennessy, John Dell and Andy Owens

Colors by Brian Reber

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Peter’s complicated life is going to get a lot worse when his gallery of villains decide to team up.

It’s Mary Jane’s big night and Peter is accompanying her to the premiere of her new movie. One that Peter doesn’t know was directed by a familiar face. With everything going well for once, it only takes a moment for the Parker luck to return in the form of Vulture and his Savage Six. With their target being Mary Jane, Spider-Man swings into action but finds himself hopelessly outnumbered when the Sinister Six returns looking for their missing member who betrays both Peter and MJ for the sake of Kindred.

In the aftermath, Spidey is confronted by Kindred again with another group of his worst enemies old and new. At the same time, Doctor Strange wants to know what is wrong with Peter’s soul and confronts Mephisto about it. A confrontation that will reveal a dark secret.

The Story: Nick Spencer is taking one of the most divisive stories in Spider-Man canon. Whether he’s successful or not remains to be seen, but centering the story on Peter and Mary Jane is a good first step. Bringing Mephisto back into the fold and having him opposite Strange for the fate of Peter’s soul is another good narrative touch. It will be interesting to see how these stories connect to each other and how all of these characters will be served in a story with this many antagonists. All that aside, the story is entertaining and the twists make me interested in what’s coming next.

The Art: Bagley has a wonderful eye for both the humanity of the characters and the nature of their world. His Spider-Man always looks great and the rest of the characters are dynamic and visually interesting.

Sinister War #1



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