Siegecraft Commander

Blowfish Studios

Nintendo Switch

Catapult offensive and defensive structures across the battlefield to build a web of fortifications. Fend off enemies and overrun their bases, but take care to defend your own, as one well-placed shot can create a domino-like chain reaction causing an entire empire to crumble.


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Siegecraft Commander is a top down strategy game so the graphics are pretty simple. The environments look really good though and there are some great environmental features like water effects that look really good during play. The battle effects look good, but not great on a next generation system.


Siegecraft Commander Switch (34)

The gameplay is varied enough to be interesting and fun. The tier system allows for the creation of new weapons that allow for the gameplay to be varied and that variation allows for the game to be more engaging.



Siegecraft Commander has enough varied gameplay and fun to be interesting enough to pick up and play over and over. The story is interesting enough to keep the player interested as well. A fun game that has some fun and funny comedic moments.

Siegecraft Commander




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