Marvel’s Daredevil


Season 3 Episode 2

The FBI, acting on a tip from the newly cooperative Wilson Fisk, has raided the home of the head of an Albanian cartel. The arrests lead to huge collars in the criminal underworld as well as the District Attorney and Mayor’s Office. With the newfound cooperation of the Kingpin, Agent Nadeem is relishing in the accolades and wants more for the sake of his career and financial issues.

At the same time, Matt continues to fight with the people taking care of him, especially Sister Maggie. He continues to explain to her that he knows who he is now and his actions continue to be those of a reckless man bent on killing himself. It’s an interesting and entertaining side of the character and harkens back to the recklessness of Murdock in the first season of the series. Without his suit, Daredevil has gone back to the raw, street brawler that he was and the fight scenes prove it.

The episode slows down to develop the characters as well with two interludes that focus on Karen and Foggy. Karen’s conversation with the daughter of a crime victim reveals a little info about her past that hopefully, will get developed over the course of the series. Foggy heads home to see his family and laments whether or not he made the right career choice as well as who he is without Matt as his partner. Both interludes are good and help to focus the story back on the people important to Matt.

The finale of the episode involves a botched prisoner transfer as Wilson is moved to a safehouse and the FBI transfer is ambushed. As Wilson realizes that he is in real danger, an officer with a unique skill at hitting targets rescues him.

This episode does a great job of focusing on the characters besides Matt and moving forward the story with additional conflicts brewing that look interesting as well.

Daredevil S03XE02




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