SIDE_Cv8_5b931fd75e4b68.43711334Sideways #8

DC Comics

Written by Dan DiDio

Art by Max Raynor and Trevor Scott

Colors by Daniel Brown

Letters by Travis Lanham

Things are getting stranger and stranger for Derek as he and the rest of the soldiers make their way through the Dark Multiverse. After rifting them as close as he can to the location of the missing Guardian, Derek discovers that his powers are on the fritz. A theory confirmed by Klarion who ties Derek’s powers to the Dark Multiverse itself.


As the rest of the soldiers make their way closer to the location where they think their comrade is being held, Zatanna tells Derek about the events that led them to where they are and Sideways realizes that his encounter with Challengers mountain might not have been a coincidence. As they decide to make camp for the night, Gloriana decides to launch an attack on the group. Surprised and unprepared, things do not look good for the team and with Derek’s powers not working, his effectiveness in the fight prompts Zatanna to transport him away. Unfortunately, he finds himself in a new realm with a new set of denizens who are both familiar and strange.

I like many aspects of this issue especially how far it seems to be pushing the story. I think DiDio is doing a great job of evolving Derek’s story by taking it in new and interesting directions. The flip side of that coin is that as broad as the story of Sideways is getting, Derek’s personal story and character development are taking a back seat. I understand and like that there are different elements of the Dark Multiverse being introduced and that they are related to Sideways in some way, but there isn’t enough of Derek’s story to make his presence in the story compelling. Honestly, I can’t really seem to find a purpose for him in this story at all other than being the new guy on a new team. He’s a passenger in his own story and that doesn’t help a reader identify with the hero.

The art is really good and I like how the scenes are composed. There are some great details in the panels and the last few pages look amazing.

Sideways #8




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