PLM_Cv4_dsPlastic Man #4

DC Comics

Written by Gail Simone

Art by Adriana Melo

Colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick

Letters by Simon Bowland

Sammy has a problem. After throwing his girl into a vat of chemicals in an attempt to give her powers like Eel, he finds himself in a store trying to buy all the lotion he can get his hands on. When he gets back to his place, the reason for the lotion becomes painfully clear when we see what is happening to Janet and the fact that he transformation is also affecting her mind makes the lounge singer much more dangerous.


Plastic Man has his own problems. He’s still trying to bond with the kid and decides to take her shopping. Not knowing what he’s doing, he decides to call in Obscura for help. The agent comes on the scene thinking that something is wrong and is annoyed at the reason she is called, but starts to soften as she and Plastic Man start to share a couple of moments. At the same time, Eel’s friends are trying to get answers from the crime scene and what they find out puts them in danger. Danger that is revealed to be bigger than they all thought.

The tone of this series continues to be one of its saving graces. It continues to be light and fun and because the reader isn’t taking things too seriously, it allows Gail Simone to throw in some true weirdness to get the reader’s attention. I love the reveal at the end of this issue of the cabal that Eel finds himself in the crosshairs of. The issue has a fun story and some really funny moments that I found myself laughing out loud at. Simone is having fun with this character and his world and that fun is translated clearly on the page.

Melo’s art does a great job of complementing the story and the fun that is present in the story translates into the art with some awesome and funny panels. A really fun and funny issue that continues to keep me engaged.

Plastic Man #4




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