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Sideways #5

DC Comics

Written by Justin Jordan

Art by Robert Gill

Colors by John Rauch

Letters by Carlos M. Mangual

Derek James has an unwelcome visitor in his room, the Fuginaut who tried to kill him for the damage he is causing while using his powers. Instead of condemning the kid for using his powers, he has decided to train him in the use of them for the greater good.


Unfortunately, as he ponders the offer made to him to finally have a purpose as a hero, his internet persona finds itself in the hands of someone called The Showman, who is calling him a fake hero. His need to find out what’s going on with The Showman puts him at odds with his mother and that leads to a pretty tense argument with her. His angst rolls over when he gets to school and has to be saved from a beating by Ernie. At the same time, his mother is dealing with the aftermath at work.

When Derek’s chickens come home to roost, they do so in a big way. Showman manages to figure out that Sideways goes to Derek’s school and he decides that he’s going to confront the hero, but what Derek doesn’t realize is that Showman has some tricks up his sleeve including a metahuman ability to manipulate emotions. Showman is a pretty spot on villain for the culture. He has the power to weaponized trolling. It’s interesting in the moment, but can become tiring pretty quickly. What’s more interesting than Sideways’ fight is the situation at his mother’s job and what she uncovers about Derek and her firm’s interest in him.

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